Long Walk

I went for a long walk this evening.  It ended up being just under 2-1/2 miles.

I used to walk all the time.   Then I developed a vascular problem that limited my walking, because it made my hips and legs hurt after a very short distance.  (I had an intraluminal aortic flap dissection that caused a reduction of blood flow to my lower extremities by about 60%.  After about 50 yards, my hips felt like I had been climbing pyramids to the point of exhaustion.)   Back in April of this year I had an aorto-biiliac stent graft placed to solve this problem.  Unfortunately, I then developed a blockage to the femoral artery in my left leg.  It was blocked long enough that it did some nerve damage.  I spent about two weeks in the hospital, and they sent me home with a walker.

Tonight is the first time I have walked this far in about 5 years.  I probably should have done some shorter distances to work up to it.  But I made it.

My feet hurt now, though!   Of course, that’s just over-use, and they’ll get over it!

I definitely need to get out and do more walking again.


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