I Can’t Talk To You


This is going to be short tonight, because I’m in a down mood.

The backstory is this:   My granddaughter re-posted something on social media (it’s okay, she’s 19 and old enough to be on the internet.)  (You can read about what she posted here:   http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/stjude.asp )

What my granddaughter poster was just the post blaming the First Lady for causing an uproar in St. Jude’s Hospital’s operations for a day “I assume for a photo shoot.”

I didn’t know that Snopes had already addressed this issue, but I posted a couple of comments laying out pretty much the same issues.   This wasn’t something she decided to do on her own.  She wasn’t sitting in the White House of an afternoon and said “I know what’ll make me look good!  I’ll go visit the little sick kids!” And then she called St. Jude’s and said “Yo, Imma comin’ down there.  Git y’selves ready!”   She was invited.  As has been every First Lady since my granddaughter has been alive.  I can see how my daughter-in-law’s right-wing family would have reacted if Ms. Obama had been invited to St. Jude’s and turned it down.   “Lookit this!  Bitch is too good to go visit sick kids in the hospital!”

After I replied, her mother, my daughter-in-law, my stepson’s wife, told me this:  “Pretty sure my daughter didnt ask for a rant about your thoughts. She can care about the family’s that were inconvenienced by her visit. I agree with her.  If my husband had to not be with me while I received devastating news about one of my children, I could care less about the presidents wife. I do anyway but would have even better reasons.”

My granddaughter and daughter-in-law have cut ties and dissociated their accounts from mine on social media before because I pointed out where their criticisms of the President were erroneous or misplaced.  So, there is no way I can reply to this without inflaming the situation and risking them excluding me from their social media again.   There is no just reply I can make to that whatsoever.

I’m sad that members of my family would basically say “I don’t give a fuck that you think I’m wrong.  I don’t care what you think.”   That just hurts.

I would like to believe that especially people in my family respect my intelligence and common sense.  I don’t know if it hurts more that they don’t, or that I have to watch them be close-minded and prejudiced, and I can’t figure out what to do to show them a better way.

I can’t talk to them.


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